Advantages of buying an under construction property.

Owning your own home is one of the most common goals for most achievers in life. The sense of being able to invest in it, for whatever reason, is something that brings pride and joy that very few other things can. There are two options to choose from while investing in real-estate – look for a ready to move in space, or invest in a property under construction.

While buying an under-construction space means you need to wait patiently for the project to complete, and be wary of unforeseen circumstances, the advantages easily outweigh these concerns. Here are three reasons we suggest you to take investing in a property under construction while taking your decisions:

  • Choice- With an under-construction property you have the leverage of choosing the flooring, design and set up. It gives you the freedom to make changes based on Vaastu and other conveniences beforehand itself. In addition, because it is a relatively new site, you get the first movers advantage of choosing from almost all available options, something that gets booked up as time goes by.
  • Profitable investment- When you buy a space that has nothing built on it, watching it evolve gives you the feeling of ownership. But apart from that, there are genuine financial benefits of investing in a property in the construction stage. The time frame for most construction projects is a minimum of 2 years. With real estate rates escalating by the minute, the value of the property has already increased by the time you move into it as compared to the time you made the purchase. This means that should you choose to sell the space again, depending on the timing and market, you can always make far more than what you put in.
  • Flexible payment- for an under-construction property you are expected to pay an initial down payment, and then stagger the remaining amount. This gives you the time and flexibility to arrange for the funds instead of paying a huge sum at one go.

We have often heard there is no free lunch in life, but if you can reduce the bill by a great deal, why would anyone choose something more expensive? If you are someone who is looking for a great property to invest in, in Pune, Mumbai, or a place in between, Urbanbrick Castle might be the best option for you. With an excellently strategic location on the Mumbai-Pune Express Highway, strong infrastructure, amenities, and an amazing view all year long, all await you!


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