The visuals represented above are subject to visual differences and may or may not represent the actual scale or elevations. The details of windows, doors, paints, elevation features, landscaping, ground development, trees, surroundings, color theme, etc. given here are subject to artists’ visual imagination which may or may not differ from the actual construction of the building and development. The viewer, buyer or any other person must acknowledge the fact that his/her final booking or purchasing decision will not be based on this visual representation. The company is not responsible or answerable for the action of booking or purchasing a unit/s based on this visual representation. For detailed information, you are requested to please contact our sales representative.This is to inform user/customer (s) that is the only official website of The Yoovie Homes (“Company”). User/Customer(s) are cautioned and advised not to rely upon any information stated on any other websites which may appear to be similar to the company’s official website, including containing company’s logo/brand name. The information contained in such websites may be misleading/false and user/customer(s) may suffer a loss if they rely on such information. In the event, user/customer(s) come across any such websites similar to the company’s official website containing its brand name/logo or any other information, then kindly contact and inform us on in order to enable the Company to take necessary action.

Please ensure that you deal with only RERA registered real estate agents (“Registered Real Estate Agents”) whose name is registered as a real estate agent under the project name on the RERA website. If you have received any unsolicited calls or text messages in breach of the regulatory norms or from agents not registered with us, please report such instances to us on for our further investigation.

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